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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  March 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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it's ten pm, do you know where your children are? right now on fox 5 news at ten. >> if this story is accurate as were being told, anytime you come in contact with evidence, you should submit to investigator. >> in l.a. cap just turned in a knife he found on oj's property nearly two decades ago. he kept the knife all these years. >> they are going to see if it's any way connected to the birder murders of nicole and ron goldman. >> this officer allegedly received the night while providing security on a movie set. they said they found the knife
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he kept the knife for years after the lapd learned of it sometime in the last month. >> i was really surprised. i would think that an lapd officer, if this story is accurate as we are being told would know that anytime you come into contact with evidence you should submit that to investigator. >> it remains very possible that it could be entirely unrelated to the case. he even declined to comment on what the knife looked like or why it wasn't submitted for evidence. >> asked that we not be descriptive about the knife so that you haven't told me so i don't actually tell you. >> we had a dozen knives or so that were found allegedly by people at other places, all of which turned out to be read harrington by the shape of the blade.
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testified that they had are ready determine the length, thickness, will with an number of points on the blade matched the victim. >> dna holds up beautifully for hundreds of years. >> with that assumes said dna remains relatively undisturbed. >> if it's cleaned up that would get rid of fingerprints and would get rid of most of the blood, but especially in knives where the blade attaches to the handle, little bits of blood can get in that don't wash away easily. >> even if it doesn't match, double jeopardy would apply and oj would not risk subsequent jail time. >> we could not charge mr. simpson with the homicide
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with an been acquitted. >> nbc news reported earlier that law enforcement sources told us the knife does not match the stab wounds on the victim. in a statement the goldman family wrote we cannot validate every claim of the discussion as it only creates more hype and encourages the media circus. >> people just never stop. thanks matt. bobby christina brown died much like her mother whitney houston, underwater from an overdose of drugs in a bathtub. they found morphine, cocaine and marijuana and prescription drugs in her body. she was in a coma for six months before she died. investigators say they can't tell if her death was accidental or intentional. we are getting this news on what would've been her birthday. >> the jury here's a case on a stocking case in nashville. there being sued for nude photos
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attorney said interceptor public shame and humiliation when the videos were posted online. >> voters head to the primaries and caucuses in several states but it seems everyone is still talking about last night's gop debate. >> joe is here with the latest on the fallout. good evening. >> reporter: it was billed as a showdown in motown. last night's debate in detroit ended up being an all-out assault where nothing, and i mean nothing, was off-limits. >> it was a fierce debate unlike anything we've seen so far. >> your proposed tax - -dash. >> reporter: ted cruz and marco rubio unleashed an attack on donald trump. at times, it got, let's say, personal. >> look at those hands. are they they small hands? and he refigured to my hands as something else must be small.
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i guarantee. >> this was not american politics at its best. it was not not the republican party at its best. >> he is the dean of public affairs of the college. >> this is the nasty, the most consistently nasty season that i have seen in the television era. if you, you have to go back to the 19th century to get of level of negativity and personal insults that compares with what you have seen over the course of the last few weeks in this republican primary. >> reporter: the sudden turn to nastiness is all part of a movement by mainstream republican to stop the man who's been winning state after state. >> if we republicans choose donald trump as our nominee, the prospect for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished. >> reporter: this creates a unique problem for the gop. party leaders may not want trump, that flies in the face of what so far many voters have decided. >> the difficulty that you've got if you are the establishment of the republican party and you want to say all of you who voted
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put in some deals. that seems so profoundly undemocratic and many people, in the party are going to feel deeply betrayed by not having had the chance to get behind that nominee. >> there's a lot more the same on the campaign trail. donald trump is the man he calls lying ted cruz. on another note we saw this coming but ben carson made it official. he dropped out of the race. the field gets smaller and the divide gets bigger. >> boy oh boy. the winner of last nights republican debate is debatable but there was only one winner on social media. hillary clinton clinton post about a democratic hopeful and it was retweeted more than 22,000 times making it by far the most popular of the night. you can see the jeff speaks for itself. >> the democratic front runner will join bernie sanders on fox news channel town hall gathering
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hosted by brett baer. the originally declined the invitation citing a campaign complex. >> william e bratton was 89 years old. this is no family photo of him and his wife who passed away peacefully after a short illness. he lived in the suburb of boston. the wake and funeral will be held next week in massachusetts. >> mayor diblasio said the stabbings and flashing across this city is actually a result of good police week. some are questioning how he came to that conclusion. >> i'm not a criminologist, but i can safely say that guns are being taken off the street in an unprecedented way. >> mayor diblasio is looking to put a positive spin on the stabbings across the city. he credits the nypd for taking guns off the street.
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>> at one point the city was averaging more than ten stabbings a day leaving many new yorkers on edge. >> i feel like i want to be more alert. >> reporter: the seemingly random nature of the attacks led the officers in some departments to disagree. he has to justify the flashing so he is going to boast that it's the decrease in the guns and it may not have nothing to do with each other. >> you have to come back, it was a tool that was used tremendously when it was used properly. >> the mayor says catching people creating minor inflections, the broken window policy will solve the problem. >> when i get get the reports every day, someone is jumping a turnstile, someone had some other kind of infraction and when they are addressed by the nypd, it turns out they have a
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forward at the plan to make low-level misdemeanors non- arrestable but rather findable crimes. clearly there needs to be a balance between both policies. elsa: class was disrupted today at more than a dozen high schools in new jersey because of a bomb threat. students were evacuated. the sheriff's department said no devices were found. the fbi and local police are still investigating who made the threat. >> the clock is ticking toward a new jersey transit site. railroad officials and union leaders met with mediators hoping to avoid a walkout. both sides called the meeting productive they will meet again back in new jersey. in the event of a strike, they warned commuters not to expect regular schedules.
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plan to deal with biological hazard. it will be close from the public from 2 - 5 pm. the nypd and the environmental of protection is taking place in the exercise. >> there taking sides on the encryption battle between apple and the government. apple should continue to fight the court order to unlock an iphone and said if the tech giant rights and unlocking code, the security of people worldwide will be vulnerable to government and criminals. others say the iphone may have information about an unconfirmed third gunman that killed 14 people. >> the wall street journal report some banks are starting to track cell phone location of their customers. bank officials say it makes it easier to crack down on credit card fraud. according to the report they can determine of fraudulent transaction based on the location of the card owners
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america runs on dunkin'. >> the store is selling pre-peeled oranges. they stopped after getting trolled pretty hard on social media. here's why it may not of been such a great idea. >> many ideas had been encouraging shoppers to bring their own reusable bags in order to protect the environment. now the debate over these containers being used for the wrong reason. they say a picture is worth 1000 words.
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it's exactly what it look like, peeled oranges in plastic containers at whole foods. fewer than 140 characters that had people talking around the world. >> if only nature would i do way to cover these oranges so we would have to rate way so much plastic on the. >> i like to cut my own. i don't know who cut them and if there wash. i like to wash everything i find it to be more cost-effective to make my own fruit salad or cut up the fruit myself. >> whole foods has apologized and vowed to pull them from the shelves and leave them in the peel. some folks love the convenience and say not everyone have the dexterity to peel the orange. others say it's not about the plastic or the orange. it's about the potential for germs from the people who are
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who is selling cut up fruit and there is an outbreak of hepatitis a so yes there is a risk. >> does that scare you? viruses? i don't trust other people to peel my food. >> you might be able to help your kids by introducing them to food allergens when they were babies. they study the idea of exposing kids to peanut butter and other allergens to protect them from developing allergies to these foods. this could be the answer in their finding are posted in the new england journal of medicine. >> why should you should never skip that morning coffee. they studied 2000 people with and without msn people who averaged six cups of coffee a day, wow, were almost one third less likely to have the disease.
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reporting a new strain of lice. a resistance to chemical of over-the-counter lice medications. prevention is still the key. kids should not share combs, brushes hats or anything they use on their head peered every year as many as 12 million kids up to the age of 12 get head lice. >> ever have to hold it because you can't stand the idea of using an airplane bathroom? boeing is applying for a patent for a self cleaning bathroom with ultraviolet waves. they are not harmful. the system still needs to be studied more before they can offer it to the airline. >> the company launched in on gendered section on its website today with a new line of unisex clothing. each item has male and female
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it features sweaters and t-shirts and range from 15 - $50. >> some of the best gymnasts will be competing in newark. it's the first big event of the year leading up to the summer summer olympics but he's always in a good mood, isn't he. check it out. >> you're going to see the best gymnasts in the world. >> reporter: they will take central stage as part of a three event weekend including tomorrow's american cup and elite team cap. carly patterson won the american cup back in 2004 and that was a big step toward her winning the all-around gold medal at the 2004 limpets. >> take me back to winning gold at the olympic. >> that was an incredible moment to have 11 years of hard work and dedication all pay off and
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realized. >> many of the athletes here are the 2016 olympics in rio. >> there doing all the same doing at the olympics. this is really good practice on an international world stage. >> for the boys and girls watching, how early do they need to have a shot at being in the olympics. >> a kind of varies. for me i was six years old when i started which is actually on the later side. a lot of my teammates started when they were two and three. your goal is to be a high level athlete and to go to the, it's going to take a lot of hours of training. >> we don't have 40 hours, but what will it take to make me a gymnast in five minutes. >> that's top come out but we will try to make it work. >> let's do it. >> let's do maybe some leaps. do a forward role. >> sounds fancy and salute. >> the main thing is being able
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ground. there you go, you did it. that's considered the l hold. >> i passed it. >> the gymnastics three day event runs through saturday night and tickets are still available. a controversial decision and how it's triggering a debate in
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all right there is a controversy swirling around the new nina simone. >> they are not happy she is being portrayed -- what has ignited this debate. >> reporter: they command the box office with the versatility of a chameleon. she brings forward species to life in avatar and other films her latest transformation into an iconic member of her own race is sparking this outrage. >> when we look at the trail and see how much black face she has, that's when all the sudden
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what did they do. >> black sounds off on the controversial nina simone pick. shoemakers show her late skin and widen her nose and added texture to her hair. >> you have to wonder why did you think of her and why did she say yes? the controversy began back in 2012 when she replaced mary j bly's' in the lead role. nina simone's african feature. there at least five to seven names you could have dropped. they included this message from for nina simone's estate, cool story but please take nina's name out of your mouth for the
10:25 pm
the movie. they weren't fought for in terms of their opinions or input. her only daughter is defending zoe telling them she is part of a larger picture, one that is likely motivated by hollywood's bottom line. >> i think people look at what's going to sell, you can always make any film of anyone, the question is it's not a matter of who can be in the performance it's a matter of who's going to go see it. it's unclear who's running the account that replied to the tweet. the director of nina told entertainment weekly she gave an amazingly courageous and great performance. i think that's all that should matter. nina hits theaters april 22.
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>> the house of cards has done some pretty despicable things in their fictional political world. after last night's gop debate, some think that might sound sane campaign. >> here's a look at how life election. >> this year has been extremely crazy. >> this is just the 2016 more like a train wreck reality show. >> i think it's sad commentary on the decreasing partisanship. >> it's more of an entertainment point. >> the campaign with so many
10:30 pm
victors as certain fictional politician would be proud. >> without me you are nothing. >> frank underwood, the ruthless ruthless south carolina congressman turned president from the netflix series house of cards. >> he's larger-than-life character. he's bolder and says and does things that makes you gasp when you're watching it and you think nobody could ever get away with the stuff. >> remind you of someone? >> donald trump probably has a little more frank underwood in him than the others. >> there so much alike. >> reporter: the show once considered over-the-top political theater now seems tame next to this election. >> you think about that and that's exactly the kind of world that frank underwood would do very well in. >> he's big, over-the-top characters that are exaggerated and seem to be willing to do and say anything to get what they want.
10:31 pm
all. >> see how easy it is to cross the border into the united states. el chapo did it after escaping from a mexican prison twice. he's been here twice in california even though he was one of the world's most wanted men on earth. he escaped with the help of corrupt mexican officials but wouldn't say how he entered the u.s. he is back behind bars in mexico but there's talk of putting him in trial right here new york. >> wouldn't that be something. the man who built a robot for the star wars franchise passed away. he built r2-d2 and was chosen back in 1978 to produce them for the film series. he created some for the swamps seen in the empire strikes back. he was 68 years old old. >> star wars the force weekends will be available for digital download on april 1.
10:32 pm
saga has shattered box office records bringing in nearly $1 billion in the u.s. and $2 billion worldwide. >> worldwide. >> discount broadway tickets right at home. wicked is adding a daily ticket lottery. every morning a limited amount of day of the tickets will be offered for 35 bucks for matinee and evening shows. if you chosen you will receive an email and have one hour to pay for your ticket. >> just a few days you can find out what your friends really think of you. the people app is launching on monday. it's basically a yelp for humans. people can give a one to five star rating to everyone you know in three areas, personal, professional and romantic. don't get too nervous, they have to read choir your consent
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have to approve the ratings. >> this picture was posted on wednesday asking for help finding his dad. he was looking for a man named jason who met his mother back in 1996. the post has been shared more than 10000 times. he said he does not have any leads yet{ but still has faith that his dream of finding his biological father will come true. >> do you say whatever, what, you know, you note i mean? >> there's a new app that could help you brush up on your speech. >> made the creative one of the most popular brands in the world. >> talk about the real-life cape crusaders, they raise fund during the annual relay for life
10:34 pm
off and fight cancer. the theme is we can be heroes and she rose. everybody is touched with cancer in their lives whether it's a family member or neighbor. they are aware of the term. we just need to educate them about how it is we can help. >> gelber were paid a visit to several seniors today. she was delivering copies of her newly published guide that helps over the older new yorkers live as independently as possible. tickets are now on sale for the 26th annual production of the rockettes. it celebrates newark sitter in the summertime and runs from june through august. that's a look at your new york minute >> be sure and check out the fox
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they have one of the most interesting jobs in the world. >> allison got to meet one of the best in the business but she even shared this latest creation. >> the liquid is in the bottle. if you drink the whiskey and don't like it, it's my fault. >> reporter: he has one of the best jobs on earth. he has a whiskey creation distillery in scotland. >> what is your job like exactly and what is a typical day like if there is one? >> there isn't such a thing as a typical day which is good for someone like me who gets very bored easily. i have to maintain or improve the quality and the fun part is to come up with new whiskeys. >> he has just come up with a new whiskey, the seventh private addition, calledw3 motion. >> tell us about the name and
10:39 pm
this limited-edition. >> let's pour a couple classes. >> any objections from the crowd? >> it's called notion which is a scottish word that means sweet things. >> it has a distinctly sweet flavor. it's created by aging 10-year-old whiskey for another two and half years in wine barrels that were reused with red wine still dripping inside. >> i wanted this candy sweetness topped off with just enough to get your palate used to it.
10:40 pm
a slightly larger set. it is a bit of candied orange peel and peach or nectarine and then the after taste something more smoky. >> i picked up the sweetness but i could never describe it in doctor bills terms that comes from over 30 years of experience. >> do you taste whiskey every single day? >> i prefer to do it in them morning because my palate is fresher then. >> so your tasting and you let it go. >> this is a tough life. >> it's a tough job, summary has to do it. >> that's how i felt about spending the day with dr. bell. the limited edition notion is available now for $99 but they only made 5000 cases so doctor bill said it's fully expected to
10:41 pm
private addition comes out. >> okay, right now for example they need to come to america. >> not quite in real life. how they want to help you improve your speech. >> the yankees is up for sale. why you probably couldn't afford 1% of the team. (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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>> okay, like, are you ready to speak a little more professionally? >> a new app promises to help as your speech coach so you can like stop saying him okay. >> the app is called like so. >> he was born out of my desire to improve people speaking skills. >> reporter: she is the founder of the app. she has a communication executive peerage she has teenagers and said they are guilty of using like, like, you know, whatever, so, totally and she said they're not alone. >> i thick it's important to build awareness around the way that we speak and practice. >> the app uses voice recognition software. it has a conversation game and freestyle which is an open mic. in talk about, it gives you the opportunity to pick from eight
10:45 pm
things like the interview, pop-culture favorites,. >> three, two, one. so i was walking down the street and there's like this dog that i really liked and i started petting it and that owner asked me to hold and i said all right. >> actually twice, like you said 20 times. so you said 12 times and right you said once. >> it's a problem when you start talking like that to adults that you shouldn't be talking like that in a professional aspect but it's a different story. >> he just said like to me, i don't know like seven times to me. >> ya, i know. >> the app may not necessarily work. >> it seems to me they've created a problem that they've created an apt to solve. they're trying to solve a problem that isn't really there. your children will not speak
10:46 pm
>> on him and all are not on the list because the word recognition does not identify them. >> like, so, i like knowing there's a warm up a couple days away. >> oh yes a nice bring warm up. we just have to get through the weekend which will be a little chilly. i have to mention that word again. a little bit a snow shower activity tomorrow night and sunday morning. no big deal. about a half an inch of snow to an inch of snow depending on where you were today in the city. on the east and south and as much as two or 3 inches in central jersey. some of you barely saw a flake. but it was chilly. 39 degrees. record high of 70 and record low of seven.
10:47 pm
ago. humidity is dry with the wind out of the north. the wind has backed down from earlier. there's the pressure rising. let's look at fox five sky guardian. right now were seeing nothing on the radar. it's all nice and dry. the next chance of anything will be snow showers late tomorrow night and the first part of sunday morning. it was 40 at newark. mid- 30s at long island. thirty-eight as is you headed toward the bridgeport area. temperatures are at the freezing mark in on a cello. monticello.
10:48 pm
and then become more westerly. it's 25 in buffalo. thirty-nine in washington d.c. and there goes the storm. you. you can see it over my shoulder. you are heading right out to sea. the storm is a little closer and more intense. we would've been in big trouble if it would've been here. we missed out on a big snowstorm. that storm's going away. you can see this coming down from wisconsin. it will take a path to our south and will be that strong as we head into tomorrow. were just talking distance snow showers in the nighttime hours. our high temperatures climb into the 40-degree range for tomorrow. look at south and west, it's in the 60s. memphis to the denver area, 70s. this will start rising back towards us as we head into next week. it's cold cold out the door in the morning. about 18 to 20 degrees in the colder suburbs. we will hit a high of 41 in the afternoon. watch the clouds spreading across the area as we move through the afternoon. there's the disturbance again.
10:49 pm
the sun is back on sunday. northwest. it's a chilly day. forty-four on sunday a snow shower early and some sunday and then look at this. how do you feel about 60s after that. i think sunday it will get to 70. the cold front moving through will cool us down. >> great. a very special night for fox five. will speak to a former giant. allison mars, a member of our
10:50 pm
all right, our photographer mike woods. everyone's there. >> he was hit by a truck last year and lost both legs. the money raised tonight will help his family pay for medical bills. it will also help update their home. we all work with bobby and he is a great guy.
10:51 pm
him out. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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>> all right how you do and everyone? right or wrong, it was a sign of the times back then. for it to happen now in this day and age, it's absolutely shocking. atlanta falcons former quarterback who was recently ranked as the 22nd overall prospect in the upcoming draft
10:54 pm
the young man is obvious a bona fide player. according to apple while being interviewed by the fact owns, the assistant asked so, do you like men. he replied no, then the coach replied back, if back, if you're going to come to atlanta sometimes that's how it is around here. you're going to have to get used to it. he then added i guess he was joking but they just asked most of these questions to see how you're going to react. eli apple would not identify who the assistant was but maybe eli should've responded, how about you coach. what is your preference and see how the coach reacted. meanwhile when dan quinn found out about this, he issued the following statement. >> i am deeply disappointed in the question that was asked by one of our coaches. i have spoken to the coach that interviewed eli apple and explain to him how inappropriate and unprofessional this was.
10:55 pm
unidentified coach is is not important but what is important is that he and all coaches understand, straight, gay, whatever it doesn't matter. best guys play. nothing else should matter. the mets have there's bring training home opener. how's this for excitement. bottom of the ninth he launches a shot. he can't make the play and it allowed him to race all the way a long the bases. that's the way it ended tied at four apiece as the yankees beat him 3 - nothing. at the end of three quarters they're tied on the ice. in the third period, stars lead the devils 3 - 1. that's it for sports, sports, have a good weekend. >> the richest sports franchise in the world and now you can own
10:56 pm
lying around. that's how much a 1% share is going for. the investment firm handling the sales to calls it a good value. the yankees as a whole are worth more than $3 billion. they they say you get a 20% discount for that 1%. >> i wonder how much they paid for the yankees. >> it was something like 10 million or 11 million. >> i think, i forget what the exact amount was. he bought it from cbs. >> take care, have a good weekend, will see a.
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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(phone ringing) howard wolowitz. man: hey, howard. dave roeger here at nasa. we need to talk about your upcoming mission. yes, yes, i've been doing my push-ups. i'm still stuck at nine, but... ...that's going all the way down with no one holding me. that's great, uh, but that's not why i called. we've run into a bit of a snafu. your soyuz capsule failed the pressurization test, so bottom line: mission's been scrubbed. you're kidding. so what does that mean? uh-huh. uh-huh. boy, i got to tell you, i'm really disappointed. this was my dream ever since i was a little kid. okay, well, uh, thanks for the call. yep, you, too.


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